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1. Clamp - hold tightly · John clamped his hand over his brother’s mouth. 2. Custom - practice/tradition · People still follow the old customs. 3. Delicate - fine / fragile · Bridesmaids decorated bride’s crown with delicate flowers 4. Detrimental- harm or damage · Smoking cigarettes is detrimental to health. 5. Doleful – sorrowful · Jade is extremely doleful after facing few failures. 6. Down and out - no luck, money · I was down and out during last month. 7. Elated - very happy, excited · Ashok felt elated after meeting his best friend. 8. Gloomy- sad · Sarah seems to be gloomy at the day end. 9. Immobile - still/unmoving · A huge surprise from his dad held her immobile for a moment 10. Insistence - demanding forcefully · At her insistence, she got a new scooty. 11. Odour - smell/aroma · Seafood odour is heavy and disagreeable in that hotel. 12. Perplexed – confused · Tom remains in a perplexed state, when he attends puzzles. 13. Shouldering - bearing on shoulder · She is shouldering a big backpack 14. Skeletal- skinny, lean · Smith becomes skeletal after illness.

15. Spot less – clean · Julie is conscious enough in maintaining her ambience spot less. 16. Sullen – dull · My sister was with sullen expression throughout a day. 17. Unmown - not cut down · Park is full of unmowed grass 18. Upright – honest · Kennedy is upright in his dealings with others 19. Vencedor – winner · The vencedors of the match are seated at the lobby. 20. Vibrant- very cheerful, energetic, · Victor is vibrant enough to lead his team to victory.

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