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Advanced Vocabulary for IELTS

1) Agile - able to move quickly and easily

Jessica's brand new car seems to be agile.

2) Amiable - diffusing warmth and friendliness

His amiable qualities help to maintain positive environment.

3) Apathetic - marked by a lack of interest

Students are apathetic of completing their schoolwork.

4) Cajole - influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering

It is difficult to cajole our college professor.

5) Competence - the ability to do something successfully or efficiently

The caption's competence leads the team to victory.

6) Contempt - strong dislike, disrespect

The people of the city expressed contempt towards the mayor.

7) Destitute - very poor

Yesterday I met a destitute old man by the road side.

8) Dogmatic- not accepting that one’s own beliefs may not be correct

During the debate, speaker was very dogmatic on the subject.

9) Evade - to avoid

Some politicians evade paying taxes.

10) Fabricate - make up something artificial or untrue

Kylie was accused of fabricating documents.

11) Hindsight - ability to understand things or incidents after it has happened.

With hindsight Lucy instructs her friends not to repeat the mistakes.

12) Immutable - not able to be changed

The past is immutable in everyone’s life.

13) Inhibit - limit the range or extent of

Fear of failure inhibits your inner talent

14) Plethora - a large amount of something

After winning the match Michael received plethora of wishes.

15) Pragmatic - down to earth, sensible

The priest's speeches are pragmatic.

16) Predilection- a strong liking

Julie showed a predilection for novels.

17) Pull a long face - looking sad, disappointed

After the accident Sarah seems to be pulling a long face.

18) Quip - a witty remark

The judge of the competition quips at the performers.

19) Reprimand - a formal way of disapproval

The manager reprimanded the request of his colleagues.

20) Vilify - spread negative information about

Often, news channels vilify celebrities

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