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1894---------->E.E. Cummings, born in October 14, Cambridge, Massachusetts, son of Edward Cummings, a Harvard professor (later, a Unitarian minister), and Rebecca Haswell Clarke.

1912---------->First published his poem in Harvard Monthly.

1915---------->Graduated from Harvard, magna cum laude. Delivered Commencement Address, “The New Art”.

1916---------->Received M.A. from Harvard.

1917---------->June: joined Norton Harjes Ambulance Corps, American Red Cross, in France.

September-December: imprisoned by French authorities for hating France and loving Germany and for lacking illimitable respect for bureaucratic procedures.

1920----------> First major appearance as a poet in the first issue of the resurrected publication, The Dial.

1921-1923----> became a sojourn in Paris, again went to a French jail (duration: a few hours) and made at least five trips abroad thereafter.

1922----------> Publication of The Enormous Room, based on his experiences of 1917.

1923----------> Publication of his first volume of poetry, Tulips and Chimneys.

1925----------> Received The Dial Award for “distinguished service to American letters.” Publication of XLI Poems.

1928----------> Production of Him at the Province town Playhouse.

1930---------->Production of a collection of nonsense essay-fairy tales, a book without a title.

1931-----------> Trip to Russia. First major showing of paintings: twenty-nine pictures exhibited at the Painters and Sculptors Gallery. Publication of CIOPW, a collection of works done in charcoal, ink, oil, pencil, and watercolor.

1935-----------> Publication of Tom, a ballad based on Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Although never staged, David Diamond composed a complete score for it. Publication of No Thanks (it was written to the fourteen named publishers, that is, who would not print the book and with thanks to his mother who did).

1949-----------> One-man show of paintings, American British Art Centre.

1950-----------> Awarded Fellowship of the Academy of American Poets for “great achievement.” Publication of XAIPE.

1952-1953----> Worked as a Charles Eliot Norton lecturer at Harvard.

1954----------> Publication of Poems 1923-1954.

1955----------> Awarded special citation by National Book Awards for Poems 1923-1954.

1957----------> Received Bollingen Prize in Poetry and Boston Arts Festival Poetry Award.

1959----------> One-man show, Rochester Memorial Art Gallery

1962----------> Died, September 3, North Conway, N. H.


E.E.Cummings by Marks, Barry Alan 1964.

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