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1561---> (1560 of the civil or fiscal year, which began on March 25) Francis Bacon born on January 22 at York House on the Thames River at Charing Cross, outside London; son of Sir Nicholas Bacon, Lord Keeper in reign of Queen Elizabeth I.

1573---> Enrolled at Trinity College, Cambridge University.

1575---> Left Cambridge University.

1576---> Attache, British embassy, Paris.

1579---> Returned to England and enrolled at Gray’s Inn.

1582---> Became a barrister.

1584---> Member of Parliament, representing Melcombe Regis.

1585---> The Greatest Birth of Time, referred to in 1625 by Bacon as a juvenile work.

1586---> Made a bencher. Member of Parliament, representing Taunton.

1588---> Lent reader, or lecturer. Collaborated in The Misfortunes of Arthur. Member of Parliament, representing Liverpool.

1589---> Granted reversion of clerkship of Star Chamber. Wrote An Advertisement Touching the Controversies of the Church of England, published 1640.

1592---> Contributed to a triumph presented by Essex to Queen Elizabeth. Wrote Certain Observations Made upon a Libel . . . , published 1593.

1593---> Member of Parliament, representing Middlesex.

1594---> Master of Arts degree conferred by Cambridge University. Member of Queen’s Counsel of Law. Collaborated in Gesta Grayorum. Began The Storehouse [Promus] of Formularies and Elegancies. Wrote A True Report of the Detestable Treason Intended by Dr. Roderigo Lopez, published 1657.

1595---> Contributed to a device presented by Essex to Queen Elizabeth.

1597---> Publication of Essays, Religious Meditations (Meditationes Sacrae), and Of the Colours of Good and Evil. Selected Maxims of the Law, published 1630. Member of Parliament, representing Southampton.

1598---> Wrote “Concerning Human Lives” [In vitam humanam). Arrested for debt.

1600---> Upon the Statute of Uses, lectures at Gray’s Inn, but only published in 1642.

1601---> Essex executed. Bacon wrote A Declaration of the Practices and Treasons . . . by Robert, Late Earl of Essex. Member of Parliament for Ipswich and St. Albans.

1603---> Wrote A Confession of Faith this year or earlier. Elizabeth died; James I crowned. Wrote The Goal of Valerius (Val- erius Terminus). Began the Advancement of Learning. Published The Happy Union of the Kingdoms of England and Scotland. Wrote Interpretation of Nature (Interpretatio Naturae) and probably wrote Preface to the Interpretation of Nature [De Interpretatione Naturae Prooemium). Knighted.

1604---> Published Certain Considerations Touching the Better Pacification and Edification of the Church of England, probably written in 1603. Wrote Certain Articles or Considerations Touching the Union of the Kingdoms of England and Scotland. Published Sir Francis Bacon His Apology, in Certain Imputations concerning the Late Earl of Essex. Again member of Parliament for Ipswich and St. Albans.

1605---> Published the Advancement of Learning.

1606---> Married Alice Barnham.

1607---> Made solicitor general. Probably wrote Reflections and Speculations [Cogitata et Visa) at this time.

1608---> Dedicated to King James Of the True Greatness of the Kingdom of Britain. Succeeded to clerkship of the Star Chamber. Began the New Instrument [Novum Organum). Wrote In Happy Memory of Elizabeth (In felicem Memoriam Elizabethae).

1609---> Presented to King James Certain Considerations touching the Plantation in Ireland. Published Concerning the Wisdom of the Ancients (De Sapientia Veterum).

1610---> Wrote The Beginning of the History of Great Britain.

1612---> Second edition of the Essays. Wrote Description of the World of Thought [Descriptio Globi Intellectualis) and Thesis on the Heavens (Thema Coeli). Between 1612 and 1614 wrote New Atlantis, published 1627.

1613---> Assisted in The Masque of the Inner Temple and Gray’s Inn by Francis Beaumont. Appointed attorney general.

1614--->Presented The Masque of Flowers. Member of Parliament for Ipswich, St. Albans, and Cambridge University.

1616---> Appointed member of the Privy Council.

1617---> Appointed Lord Keeper of the Great Seal.

1618--->Sir Walter Raleigh beheaded. Appointed as lord chancellor. Created Baron Verulam of Verulam.

1620---> Published the New Instrument (Novum Organum) and parts of the Great Renewal of Learning (Instauratio Magna).

1621---> Created Viscount St. Alban. Imprisoned for bribery; released and pardoned.

1622---> Published The History of the Reign of King Henry the Seventh. Natural and Experimental History (Historia Naturalis et Experimentalis), including History of Winds (Historia Ventorum), appeared. Published History of Life and Death (Historia Vitae et Mortis). Wrote An Advertisement Touching An Holy War, published 1629.

1624---> Wrote Considerations Touching A War with Spain, published 1629. Published in December but dated 1625 Translation of Certain Psalms into English Verse and Apothegms New and Old.

1625---> King James I died; Charles I crowned. Third edition of the Essays published.

1626---> April 9, Francis Bacon died.


Sir Francis Bacon by Green, Adwin Wigfall, 1900

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