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Timeline of Robert Browning

1812----> Robert Browning born on 7th May at Camberwell.

1824----> parents of Robert Browning tries to publish his first collection of poems, Incondita. The manuscript is later destroyed.

1828----> He enters London University, but does not last the year.

1833----> Pauline published anonymously. Not a single copy is sold.

1834----> Browning travels to Russia. Applies unsuccessfully for a diplomatic post.

1835----> Paracelsus published at the expense of his father.

1837----> Stafford unsuccessfully performed at Covent Garden.

1838----> First journey to Italy.

1840----> Sordello published. General outcry at its obscurity.

1841----> Begins publishing a series of poetic pamphlets, Bells and Pomegranates, aimed at reaching a popular audience. The first comprises Pippa Passes.

1842----> Bells and Pomegranates II (King Victor and King Charles) and III (Dramatic Lyrics).

1843----> Bells and Pomegranates IV (The Return of the Druses) and V (A Blot in the Scutcheon).

1844---->Second journey to Italy, Bells and Pomegranates VI (Colombe's Birthday).

1845----> Bells and Pomegranates VII (Dramatic Romances and Lyrics) Begins correspondence with Elizabeth Barrett on 10 January. The courtship proper begins with Browning’s first visit on 20 May.

1846----> Bells and Pomegranates VIII (Luria and A Soul’s Tragedy). Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett secretly marry on 12th September. The couple leave England for Italy 19 September.

1847----> The couple settle in Florence.

1849----> First collected edition of Poems. His only child, Robert Weidemann Barrett Browning (known as ‘Pen’) born on 9th March

1850----> Christmas-Eve and Easter-Day.

1852----> The Essay on Shelley

1855----> Men and Women (in two volumes).

1857----> John Kenyon’s legacy ensures financial security for the Brownings.

1860----> Comes across the Old Yellow Book at a bookstall in Florence.

1861----> Death of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (29 June), Browning leaves Florence, eventually settling in London.

1863----> The Poetical Works (3 vols.).

1864----> Dramatis Personae. His first unqualified popular and critical success. Begins work on The Ring and the Book.

1868----> The Poetical Works (4 vols.).

1868-9-> The Ring and the Book is published in four instalments (November-February). Browning’s popularity rivals Tennyson’s.

1871----> Balaustion’s Adventure; Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau.

1872----> Fifine at the Fair.

1873----> Red Cotton Night-Cap Country.

1874----> Aristophanes’ Apology: The Inn Album.

1876----> Pacchiarotto and How He Worked In Distemper.

1877----> Translates The Agamemnon of Aeschylus.

1878----> La Saisiaz and The Two Poets of Croisic.

1879----> Dramatic Idyls. First Series.

1880----> Dramatic Idyls, Second Series.

1881----> The Browning Society founded.

1883----> Jocoseria.

1884----> Ferishtah's Fancies.

1887----> Parleyings with Certain People of Importance in Their Day.

1888-9-> Poetical Works (16 vols.).

1889----> Asolando, Fancies and Facts published 12th December. A copy is placed in Browning’s hands in Venice; he dies the same evening. Burial in Westminster Abbey, 31st December.


Robert Browning by Browning, Robert, 1812-1889

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