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Timeline of William Blake

1757----> 28 November: born at 28 Broad Street, Golden Square, Westminster

1 December: baptized at St James'sChurch, Piccadilly

1767---->Enrolls at Henry Pars’s drawing school

1772---->4 August: is apprenticed to James Basire, engraver, for seven years

1779---->8 October: is admitted to Royal Academy Schools as a full student

1782---->18 August: marries Catherine Boucher in the Church of St Mary, Battersea

1783---->Poetical Sketches printed

1784---->Writes An Island in the Moon

1784-5-->Partnership as print-seller with JamesParker at 27 Broad Street

1785---->Moves to 28 Poland Street

1787---->February: death of younger brother Robert

c.1788-->There is No Natural Religion, a and b All Religions are One

1789---->Songs of Innocence


1789-93?->The Book of Thel

1790---->Autumn: moves to Hercules Buildings, Lambeth

1790-3-->The Marriage of Heaven and Hell

1793---->For Children: The Gates of Paradise

Visions of the Daughters of Albion

1793-4-->America, a Prophecy

1794---->Songs of Innocence and of Experience

The (First) Book of Urizen

1795---->The Song of Los

The Book of Ahania

1799---->23 August: Blake’s defence of his visionary art in a letter to Dr John Trusler, prompted by the latter’s rejection of the water colour Malevolence

1800---->18 September: moves to Felpham, Sussex. Association with William Hayley

1802---->27 March: Peace of Amiens


1804----> William Hayley: Life of William Cowper, with six engravings by Blake

1809---->17 September: Robert Hunt attacks Blake in the Examiner

1815----> Illustration for On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity

1818---->Laocoon and For the Sexes:The Gates of Paradise

1820?---->On Homers Poetry and On Virgil


1821 ---->Jerusalem Completed

1822---->The Ghost of Abel

1824---->Illustrations to Pilgrim’s Progress

Linnell commissions Blake to illustrate Dante

1826---->March: publication of Illustrations of the Book of Job.

1826-7-->Engraves seven Dante plates

1827---->12 August: dies and 17 August: buried in Bunhill Fields

1831---->18 October: death of Catherine Blake

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